About Us

Our program strives to Screen, Treat, or Prevent (STOP) liver cancer and failure in Texans through one-time baby boomer screening for hepatitis C, education and community collaboration, practice transformation, and policy advocacy.


STOP HCC, an initiative funded by the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT), offers education about the epidemic of HCV and HCC, implements preventive screening, and provides management for patients who are chronically infected.

STOP HCC operates in primary care settings across South Texas and the Dallas region, building strong systems at each site for maintaining preventive HCV screening and delivering  high-quality care for the chronically infected.

STOP HCC provides physicians and staff with in-depth training and education about HCV and HCC, emphasizing the importance of early detection and explaining pathways to effective treatment for insured and uninsured patients.

STOP HCC promotes public dialogue about this prevalent, dangerous, and often-overlooked disease through an array of educational initiatives across the South Texas and Dallas regions.