Additional Physician Resources

Treatment of Liver Cancer

Co-Primary Investigator, Dr. Amit Singal, wrote an article that serves as a great resource for patients to learn about Hepatocellular Carcinoma


Trends and Patterns of Disparities in Cancer Mortality Among US Counties, 1980-2014

Estimates age-standardized mortality rates by US county from 29 cancers, which highlights high prevalence of liver cancer along the Texas-Mexico border.


Oral Direct-Acting Agent Therapy for Hepatitis C Virus Detection

Summarizes published literature on the efficacy and safety of oral DAAs for treatment of persons with chronic HCV infection.


An Electronic Health Record-based Intervention to Promote Hepatitis C Virus Testing Among Adults Born Between 1945 and 1965. A Cluster-randomized Trial

Examines the impact of an electronic health record (EHR) - embedded best practice alert (BPA) for HCV testing among Birth Cohort adults.


Patient Assistance Programs

Resources for HCV treatment medications

A CDC resource offering FAQs for health professionals about HCV infection ranging from education to managing special populations: 

For the most up-to-date clinical guidelines for HCV screening and management from experts:

For general guide to interpret abnormal liver function test:

Medscape review practice essentials:

Hepatitis C Resource Library funded by the CDC with a collaboration of Univ of Washington, Univ of Alabama, and IAS-USA:

Meld Score Clinical Calculator:

Fib-4 Clinical Calculator:

Information from Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services about screening for HCV infection and reimbursement information:

Continuing Medical Education for Professionals (MERCK sponsored):