Healthy Living with hCV

You are on your way to getting better!

How to Protect Yourself

  • Alcohol can hurt the liver even more.  Best way to protect your liver is to cut out all alcohol.  Less safe but better than nothing is to drink very little and not every day.
  • Cut out fast foods, sodas/juices, desserts, and fatty foods because they put fat in the liver and can scar it
  • Stay away from illicit drugs, sharing needles, and snorting because it can give you other bad infections
  • Smoking hurts you and your liver you need to get healthy.
  • Do not buy herbal medicine since some can hurt your liver
  • Check with your doctor about all prescription pills because some may harm  the liver

Protect Loved Ones

Family, friends, and others can get HCV from your blood

  • Do not share toothbrushes or razors
  • Never share needles
  • Cover any bleeding cuts
  • Use condoms during sex
  • Tell sexual partners about your HCV so they can get checked
  • Do not donate blood, semen or organs
  • Tell healthcare workers that you have HCV

Some Things You Can Do!

  • Hug, kiss, and be normal with your family and friends
  • You can eat dinner on the same plates.
  • You can have sex with your partner but best to use condoms and avoid rough sex.

Professionals Can Help You

  • Your primary care doctor and your liver specialist can answer your questions and help you get healthier
  • Talk to your doctor about the cure for HCV
  • Talk to your doctor if you feel blue because there are many ways to help you
  • Get help from a social worker to pay for healthcare
  • Get treated for alcohol or drug use – there are ways to help
  • Ask for help in stopping smoking

Get Support:

There are many agencies in Texas that offer support and resources for people who need them. Please click on the button to see a list of Texas resources.

Community Resources Guide